Cadaver Dissection

The Ultimate Way to Study Human Anatomy

Dissection Classes with Todd Garcia

Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment Inc. is an educational institution specializing in the study of human anatomy through dissection, providing this rare opportunity since 2003.

The institution’s Director, Todd Garcia, has been a teacher and dissector of human anatomy for 25 years. He offers a respectful, fully engaged immersion in the art and science of dissection as a means to
master human anatomy.

We are so grateful to the donors. Our cadavers:

  • Have intentionally donated their body to science
  • Are intact with full range of motion
  • Do not contain chemicals, formaldehyde or preservatives
  • Are NOT embalmed
    Intro Cadaver Dissection Class

    The Beauty of Anatomy - Cadaver Dissection Classes

    Come learn anatomy in this 1 day, 6 hour, in-person dissection class with Todd Garcia, Master Dissector with 25 years of dissection & teaching experience. During this class, Todd will dissect specific anatomical structures and regions for you, accompanied by precise explanations .

    Limited to 20 students.

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    Human Anatomy Classes for ALL

    Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment, located in Westminster, CO, offers the study of human anatomy through cadaver dissection classes. These classes are open to anyone with an interest in anatomy.

    The study of anatomy is related to a wide variety of occupations. Many different students and practitioners attend our classes, including but not limited to:

      • Students of Medicine
      • Physical Therapists
      • Massage Therapists
      • Yoga Teachers
      • Rolfing Practitioners
      • Acupuncturists
      • Craniosacral Therapy Practitioners
      • Structural Integrationists
      • Emergency Medical Technicians